About us

GrayBirch Construction is a leader in construction and construction management solutions. Foundational to our success, is our experience, our lessons learned, our best practices and to our ability to adapt to change.

Founded in 2020, GrayBirch Construction specializes in infrastructure development for Electric vehicle charging stations, Battery energy storage solutions and telecommunications. Solutions are provided based on the combined 50 years of construction and Safety experience.

GrayBirch Construction is located in Lake Elsinore, California and can complete projects across the State of California.

With our experience and focus, GrayBirch Construction is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative, reliable solutions to our clients’ everyday challenges. In so doing, every day, with every project, with every professional.

Project Management,
Leadership and Expertise

GrayBirch Construction offers skilled, experienced crews equipped with the tools to coordinate resources and manage vendors, as well as track and communicate the status of all our projects. We’ll work with our clients to tailor and customize program tools. All of this, with a key goal in mind of minimizing project risk while achieving an optimal balance of cost, quality and schedule. Our GrayBirch Construction management team will draw from expertise from within the company. In particular, we will blend talent and experience to form a cohesive team custom built for your project.


Andrew Birch

Robert Gray

Andrew Birch and Robert Gray, owners

Collectively, Andrew Birch and Robert Gray bring over 45 years of experience in project and operations management in all phases of wireless communication systems, hydrogen fueling stations, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and retail construction, with a demonstrated record of high performance.  After working together on multiple projects at other companies, this dynamic team realized that coming together as GrayBirch Construction would increase their ability to deliver the best customer experience across multiple verticals.  

As owners, they pride themselves on being involved at every level of a project and are responsible for managing the day-to-day schedules of multiple projects. Recent projects include both new site builds and upgrades for all Telecom Carriers, Tesla supercharger stations, hydrogen fueling station and EV charging stations ranging from ground up construction (concrete footings and foundations, grounding CMU walls, Power and Telco delivered to site up to and including final building inspection) on renovations which include frame and drywall, flooring, roofing and structural alterations, etc.  

For every project, Birch and Gray have a comprehensive process that includes setting up design review meetings and job specific schedules with milestones, assigning roles and responsibilities, identifying staffing and equipment needs for the west region, and coordinating sites with site acquisition, zoning and leasing. 

Steve Terberg

Steve Terberg, Telecom Project Manager

Steve has been in the telecom industry for over two decades working on various aspects of the tower building process. From Cellular Mods to Helicopter Tower Stacking, he has a vast knowledge of the construction process. In his free time, you can find Steve riding anything with 2 wheels. From his passion for Dual Sport adventure riding and Motocross to cruising the mountains on his Harley, his love for Throttle Therapy keeps him grounded. Steve also has a passion for photography and has been involved with many organizations associated with the extreme sports and motocross community. Steve believes that honesty is key in building relationships within the Telecom Community and strives to be a genuine asset to the team here at GrayBirch Construction.